Library and information service is meant to assist individuals in their individual pursuit to have a better life. This does not mean that each time an information worker answers a question it profoundly alters a patron’s life, but it does imply that every time questions are answered correctly the patron is able to accomplish a task, resolve a problem, or plan their future just a little better. In this way, the profession assumes that not only individuals, but organizations and society as a whole are changed, and, in the long run, improved by ideas. Improvement may mean many different things: providing information to a scientist to discover a new drug; stimulating the imagination of a child by providing reading or viewing material; providing training information to adults; or providing programming for mothers or the elderly.
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Meet Edinburgh Central Library’s pet Dalek.

So what is a Dalek (in fancy dress) doing in the lending library?

It all started a few years back. We got the Dalek (and his less celebrated cyberman sidekick) to promote the Edinburgh Science Festival. We liked the Dalek so much we decided to keep him, and started dressing him up in literary-themed costumes. Like the  Doctor, the Dalek has gone through one or two ‘regenerations’ – because like the rest of us he can get a bit deflated from time to time.




I did NOT forget about y’all today! Just running behind schedule. I also don’t think I’ve asked this question before, just some related ones. Feel free to internet flog me if it’s a repeat.

What was your favorite class ever?

This is a hard question! Most recently, I…

I loved my reference class last spring. It was a great mix of behind the scenes resources and patron-oriented stuff. And in undergrad I took a Jane Austen class where we read everything she wrote and it was awesome. But yeah, favorite ever? TOO HARD.


Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: Fall Festivities?


I’ve been pining for the small-town autumny festivals that seemed to pop up every weekend when I was downstate for school. I think I miss Clinton’s Pork & Apple Festival the most, they had good food and an old mansion to tour.

Any festivals or fairs this fall you can’t live without?

The Sandwich Fair. Name of the extremely quaint New England town next to my extremely quaint hometown, not the delicious lunch food.